187,000 iOS Apps On The Edge of Become Obsolete After Apple’s iOS 11

There is a fair chance that after the launch of iOS 11 approximately 187,000 apps might get obsolete. A report published by Macworld on Jan 31, 2017 mentioned that with the launch of iOS with 64-bit only support, 32-bit apps will stop working. Apple had already updated the pop-up warning for 32-bit apps in the iOS 10.3 beta mentioning that “32-bit app you are running will not work with future versions of iOS.”

187,000 iOS Apps Might Get Obsolete After iOS 11

In October 2014 Apple announced that developers need to make their apps compatible with 64-bit processors. Apple also announced that it will not accept any 32 bits apps after June 2015. Apple Insider recently published a report that approximately 187,000 32-bit apps which are roughly 8% of all iOS apps will become obsolete if 64-bit only rule becomes mandatory. Apple is expected to introduce its iOS 11 at Apple’s WWDC which is going to take place in June 2017.

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If  mandatory 64-bit support policy is announced Apple will give a 30 days’ notice to the developers to update their apps. Failing to meet this deadline will mean an indefinite removal from App Store. It is expected that Apple will start sending notices to developers soon and will be removing 32-bit apps before the launch of iOS 11. Its time developers start updating their apps before the time runs short.