How To Get Your Samsung Bixby Updated

Bixby is a AI voice assistant that was released by Samsung S8 and Samsung S8+. Although Bixby was much publicized before its launch. Although Bixby was much liked by the users but it was not a complete package at its launch.

How To Get Your Samsung Bixby Updated

Recent updates to Bixby were much required and now Bixby can perform with its full potential. Samsung S8 and Samsung S8+ users can easily get their Bixby updated by following simple steps.

  1. Press Bixby Button located on the side of your phone.
  2. A pop-up will appear. Tap UPDATE
  3. This will start updating your Bixby.
  4. Once the Bixby Update is completed, tap NEXT and choose your preferred language
  5. Tap CONFIRM
  6. You will be asked to agree to Terms and conditions.
  7. Press Next

Now you can enjoy an updated version of Bixby by long pressing the Bixby Button. On your first use Bixby will show you some example voice commands. Hope your experience with Bixby is enjoyable.