Instagram Users Get Offline Mode Feature On Android Devices

Instagram users get offline mode feature on Android devices. Instagram have been making some changes to its App and this time it is the Offline Mode. Instagram announced their offline mode feature at Facebook’s Developer Conference on Tuesday. Instagram announced that this new offline mode feature will allow users to browse through the app even without internet access. This will be done through preloaded feed and users will can like or save posts while in offline mode.

Instagram Users Get Offline Mode Feature On Android Devices

According to Instagram engineer Hendri users will be able to leave comments, save media and even unfollow other users while being in offline mode. Instagram users will be able to see the profiles of users they have previously visited and even view explore tab due to this new feature.

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Like many other apps this feature will save all the changes made in offline mode and once it gets an internet connection the changes will take place in the background. This feature will improve user experience in developing countries where the internet connection is not very stable. This feature seems to be inspired from Facebook which already offers a offline mode and Facebook Lite version of the app. We all know that Instagram is one of the most data-hungry app. The offline mode is a very useful feature and will lead to an improved user experience.