Instagram Users Get Offline Mode Feature On Android Devices

Instagram users get offline mode feature on Android devices. Instagram have been making some changes to its App and this time it is the Offline Mode. Instagram announced their offline mode feature at Facebook’s Developer Conference on Tuesday. Instagram announced that this new offline mode feature will allow users to browse through the app even 

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Google Introduces Voice Calling Feature For Worldwide Google Duo Users

Google Duo was announced by Google in March and was initially focused on video calls. Google Duo only supported audio calls in Brazil. On Sunday evening Google Engineer and technical lead for Google Duo announced on Twitter that audio calling feature is now live for Worldwide users. Google is juggling with its messaging apps. Google 

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Check Point Found Severe Security Flaw In WhatsApp And Telegram

Check Point a security firm revealed on Wednesday that a flaw in WhatsApp and Telegram can be used by hackers to get access to users account. Check Point immediately alerted both WhatsApp and Telegram about the vulnerability a week ago. Check Point waited for both WhatsApp and Telelgram to remove the vulnerability through patch before 

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How to Use Gmail App to Send Money Using Android Devices

Sending money using an online service is not a new concept. Google has recently added a feature to send money using Gmail App on android phones. There are already several services which allow you to send money online. These services include PayPal, WePay, MoneyBookers and Venmo. All these services have proven to be an effective 

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Microsoft Is Planning To Bring Playable Ads For Windows 10 Users

Microsoft recently announced on their official blog that they are bringing new Playable Ads to their Windows 10 operating system. Playable Ads are similar to an app and allow users to interact and explore and application without having to download or install them. Microsoft is not the only company that uses Playable Ads in their 

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Malware Alert: Preinstalled Malware Detected In Several Android Devices

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention which is also a maker of cybersecurity products has recently published a report. The found malwares in 36 android handsets which were being used by a large telecommunications company. This is not unusual to detect a malware in an android device. The strange thing about this discovery was that the 

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