Social Networking

How To Disable Auto-Playing Sound On Facebook Videos

Facebook has made some changes to video feeds played on Facebook page timelines. Previously the videos on Facebook pages very muted automatically and sounds were only activated once a user tapped to listen it. Due to the recent changes the sound will be auto played by default. Facebook is one of the social media channels 

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How To Enable Two-Steps WhatsApp Verification

WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used mobile messaging application. Released in January 2009 it quickly became popular for its text messaging features. The best thing about WhatsApp is that it was a freeware that constantly evolved and added new features which included image and video sharing, file sharing, voice messaging, voice call 

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Facebook Community Help Tool Will Keep People Connected During Emergencies

Facebook with its 1.87 billion monthly active users is one of the most used social network. This figure definitely reflects how much this social network has become a part of our lives. This tool is regularly used to stay connected to friends, family and the community. In the times of a crisis when we need 

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