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European Commission Asks Google, Facebook And Twitter To Amend Their TOS

A few days back we reported that Germany has proposed a new legislation which will allow German government to fine up to €50m if they fail to remove any reported fake news or hate speech within 24 hours. According to Reuters European Commission has asked Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to make some 

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Check Point Found Severe Security Flaw In WhatsApp And Telegram

Check Point a security firm revealed on Wednesday that a flaw in WhatsApp and Telegram can be used by hackers to get access to users account. Check Point immediately alerted both WhatsApp and Telegram about the vulnerability a week ago. Check Point waited for both WhatsApp and Telelgram to remove the vulnerability through patch before 

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Twitter Attacked By Turkish Hackers

Recent diplomatic tension between Turkey and Netherland and Germany have taken a new twist when Turkish hackers attacked Twitter. Turkish hackers on Wednesday March 15, 2017 hijacked several high profile Twitter accounts and replaced with anti-Nazi messages in Turkish language. These messages were in support of Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan. The diplomatic tension between Turkey 

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Germany Proposes Legislation To Fine Social Media for Fake News And Hate Speech

According to news a new proposed German legislation if passed will allow German government to fine social media networks including Facebook and Twitter for publishing fake news and hate speech. Recently social media networks have been under pressure to combat fake news and hate speech. According to the proposed legislation Facebook and Twitter will have 

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Facebook Takes Step To Prohibit Use of Users Data For Surveillance Tools

It was surprising when reports emerged that Facebook which is one of the largest social network provided feeds of user data to a social media monitoring program which was used by police departments in Oakland, California and Baltimore to track racially charged protests. Facebook was not the only social media network, similar type of data 

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How To Disable Auto-Playing Sound On Facebook Videos

Facebook has made some changes to video feeds played on Facebook page timelines. Previously the videos on Facebook pages very muted automatically and sounds were only activated once a user tapped to listen it. Due to the recent changes the sound will be auto played by default. Facebook is one of the social media channels 

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