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Learn How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Getting Hacked

As we all know that Google’s Gmail is one of the most secure free email service provider. Gmail service can be accessed through web, Mobile Apps, Android and iOS operating systems as well as through POP or IMAP protocols. In this guide we will guide you to secure your Google Gmail accounts from getting hacked 

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Verizon To Test 5G Technology In 11 US Cities

The internet is becoming faster every day. 4G which improved the internet speeds and made it theoretically possible to download 100Mbps data. The users are becoming more data hungry therefore to satisfy their needs improvements are being made to networking standards. Verizon has recently announced that it will start testing 5G pre-commercial services in 11 

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Registrations Open For Google I/O Developers Conference 2017

A few days back we reported that Apple WWDC which is their annual conference is taking place on June 5-9. Google has also announced their Google I/O Developer Conference dates. Google I/O will be the biggest event for Android and Chrome Developers. Even if you are not a developer you can still register at Google 

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