Apple Extended AppleCare+ Purchase Time From 60 Days to One Year

Good news for Apple customers. Apple has recently extended its AppleCare+ smartphone insurance time period. AppleCare+ which was previously offered to customers during checkout process or if they bought it within 60 days after purchase. Recent updates to AppleCare+ now allows iPhone users to buy AppleCare+ plan up to a year after the original purchase 

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Apple’s Siri Will Soon Speak Shanghainese

Apple’s Siri is a voice assistant which is capable of speaking 21 languages. According to Reuters Siri will soon speak Shanghainese. The Shanghainese language which is a Shanghai dialect also known as Hu language Chinese spoken in the central districts of Shanghai. Shanghainese is also representative language of Taihu Wu. Siri which is the oldest 

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Will Be A Tough Challenge For Apple iPhone 8

According to recently leaked Samsung Galaxy S8+ specifications sheet Samsung Galaxy S8+ will give a tough competition to Apples upcoming iPhone 8. The specs show that Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be the bigger brother of Galaxy S8 having a bigger screen size and more powerful battery. The remaining specs are similar to Galaxy S8. This 

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iPhone Is Still Struggling To Make Its Place In Chinese Smartphone Market

Apple has been very successful with its devices worldwide but Apple’s iPhone is still struggling to make its place in Chinese Smartphone market. China has a population of approximately 1.357 Billion and more than half of this population has access to internet. 90% of the internet users access internet through mobile phones. Apple was optimistic 

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