Facebook Lite: Beware Of Malware Infected APKs

A recently published report confirms that some versions of Facebook Lite APK’s have been found infected by Malware. This Malware is capable of stealing your personal information and also capable of installing malicious code. Malwares like in Windows operating system are also a common vulnerability in Android OS. A malware is a short code intended 

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Android Is Becoming Most Used Operating System To Browse Internet

Windows Operating System was one of the mostly used OS for browsing internet. In 2010 no one would have agreed to with your claim that Android operating system will become the number one OS used to browse internet. Although as the current position Windows still holds the number one position as 38.6% users still use 

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Kaspersky Labs Announces Its Own Operating System KasperskyOS

Kaspersky which is well known for its Antivirus software announced its own custom made operating system. Kaspersky has been in security software development since last 14 years and is well recognized for its Kaspersky cybersecurity and anti-virus. The company was founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky who is also the current CEO of the company. 

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