Kaspersky Labs Announces Its Own Operating System KasperskyOS

Kaspersky which is well known for its Antivirus software announced its own custom made operating system. Kaspersky has been in security software development since last 14 years and is well recognized for its Kaspersky cybersecurity and anti-virus. The company was founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky who is also the current CEO of the company. Kaspersky has its headquarters in Moscow Russia and is operated by holding company in the United Kingdom. Kaspersky has 400 million users and is the largest cybersecurity software vendor in Europe.

KasperskyOS Kaspersky Lab Operating System Techguar

Kaspersky has taken us by surprise by announcing its own operating system KasperskyOS. KasperskyOS is at this moment available for X86 and ARM processors. Unlike the conventional operating systems KasperskyOs is not based on Linux. KasperskyOS follows a Flux Advanced Security Kerel (FLASK) architecture.

The company is currently targeting hardware developers, SCADA systems, Internet of Things for its operating system. Kaspersky claims that its only purpose to develop an operating system is to provide a secure OS which is ready for full-scale deployment. KasperskyOS basically follows a Default Deny instruction and will allow to run only those functionalities that are allowed by the admin.

Kaspersky has admitted that the OS still has room for further improvements before becoming a mass-market product. The pricing of KasperskyOS will vary according to the packages and is dependent on customer’s needs.