Learn How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Getting Hacked

As we all know that Google’s Gmail is one of the most secure free email service provider. Gmail service can be accessed through web, Mobile Apps, Android and iOS operating systems as well as through POP or IMAP protocols. In this guide we will guide you to secure your Google Gmail accounts from getting hacked with added security tips. We all know that Gmail already scans your emails through an automated system, scans and filters spam and malware from your email.

Google Two-Step Verification

First of all Gmail users are advised to activate two-step verification which is an additional security measure which can protect your account from unauthorized log ins. Once a user activates this option users will asked to verify their identity through a second option, even after entering the correct username and password.

This additional methods include entering a code which is sent by Google to user’s phone via a text message. Users do not have to verify through two-step method every time they log in. Two-step method is only activated once you try to login by using a new device.

Google 2 Step Verification Method Secure Gmail Account

Gmail users can also secure their account from getting hacked by using third party add-ons which are already available on the internet. These add-ons provide an additional security. One of the best add-ons which is highly recommended is SecureGmail.

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SecureGmail is a Chrome extension which allows Gmail users to encrypt their sensitive emails with a password which is only known by the recipient. The user will be asked to install SecureGmail if they have not already installed it. You will have to share the password through a secure method most probably through face to face conversation or any other means.

SecureGmail Chrome Extension To Encrypt Emails

SecureGmail uses a symmetric encryption to both encrypt and decrypt user messages, therefore it is recommended to use a strong password.

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Password Alert

Another highly recommended tool is Password Alert. This is also a Chrome extension which is actually provided by Google. This extension is very useful to safeguard your Gmail username and password from phishing attempts.

Password Alert Chrome Extension

It detects the actual authorized Google sign in pages and alerts the user when they enter their Gmail account into any web sites which pretend to be Google pages but actually are trying to get your password. This service will directly send an email alert and force Gmail users to change their password if you ever sign in to non-trusted pages.

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By using these two extensions and Google’s 2-Steps Verification you can add more security to your Gmail accounts. There are several other tools available online but these tools are recommended as they come from highly trusted sources. If you need any help setting these tools you can leave us a comment and we will be glad to help you.