Lenovo Unveiled Blade Its New Generation Hybrid Laptop

Lenovo unveiled Blade, its new generation hybrid laptop. Lenovo which is a popular Chinese smartphone company has recently unveiled a new 2 in 1 multipurpose tablet Blade. Lenovo Blade comes with a built-in cover and flip stand. Lenovo Blade is listed on the IF World Design Guide Awards website. From the images one can guess that Lenovo Blade will come with a built-in kickstand. Lenovo Blade will have a detachable keyboard along with “Miracast” wireless transport technology wireless connectivity to the display unit.

Lenovo Unveiled Blade A Hybrid Laptop Concept Design

Lenovo Blade has some similar features as Microsoft‘s Surface Pro Hybrids. The built-in cover can act as a kickstand, screen protector and flipped to convert the Lenovo Blade into a tablet. Apple and Microsoft hybrid users have to purchase a cover separately but Lenovo Blade users do not have to worry about it.

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Lenovo Unveiled Blade A Hybrid Tablet

We still do not know the specification details of Lenovo Blade as Lenovo still has not confirmed the news. Lenovo is well known for its budget friendly devices and we can expect that Lenovo Blade will definitely be a budget friendly option for hybrid system users.