Microsoft Is Planning To Bring Playable Ads For Windows 10 Users

Microsoft recently announced on their official blog that they are bringing new Playable Ads to their Windows 10 operating system. Playable Ads are similar to an app and allow users to interact and explore and application without having to download or install them. Microsoft is not the only company that uses Playable Ads in their operating systems. Playable Ads are already being used by Apple on iPhone devices and by Google on Android devices.

Microsoft has already launched a preview version of its Playable Ads option on the Windows Dev Center. Playable Ads are different from regular advertisements. Regular advertisements are banners or text links which links to app store. They only allow users to read the description or have a look at screenshots and finally allowing the user to install the app.

Microsoft Bringing Playable Ads For Windows 10 Users

In case of Playable Ads a user can interact with the app without downloading or installing the app. This will allow users to get a better understanding of the application they are about to install. Microsoft will allow users three minutes to explore the application before downloading it.

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Microsoft has mentioned several points in support of Payable Ads on their blog. According to Microsoft ” The information contained in the product description page is not always complete and the experience a user can get from the actual app usage can potentially differ a lot. This sometimes leads to a quick uninstall if the promise of the product description pages is not met.” Through Playable Ads users can have a better experience of the app without installing it. This will allow the developers to highlight the key features of their apps. Microsoft will allow users to stop the app streaming anytime. Only those users who stick with the app and install it after a three minutes of streaming will install the app, leading to less uninstalls.

Microsoft has not yet announced when the Playable Ads will be widely available. It is expected that we will see more Windows apps and Store ads in coming months as this feature is in limited preview now. Let’s see if these Playable Ads will be appreciated by the Windows 10 users. Personally I believe they are annoying and Microsoft with Windows 10 has already managed to annoy and alienate more users.