Samsung Is All Set To Produce 8nm FinFET Chip For Mass Production, Reducing 10% Energy And Size

Samsung claimed today that the company has is all set for mass production of 8nm FinFET LPP Chips. The 8nm LPP chips will replace the 10nm technology which was used for last 2 years. The company started planning to launch 8nm mass production in 2018 but has achieved this milestone 3 months before the schedule.

Samsung 8nm FinFET Chip

Samsung will be producing new 8nm LLP chips following the same process it used for 10nm. The 8nm LPP will reduce the size of the chip by 10% while reducing the power consumption. According to Samsung the new technology will consume 10% lesser power as compared to 10nm.

Samsung will be the first company to introduce 8nm but it is expected that it will face a tough competition in the coming year. GlobalFoundries is already working on launching 7nm process in first half of 2018 and mass production will start in the second half of 2018. GlobalFoundaries claims that the 7nm technology will be up to 40% more power efficient as compared to 14nm chips.

Intel is another competitor in the business is still way behind as it is still planning to introduce 10nm process for its upcoming processor Canon Lake and Ice Lake CPUs.

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