Samsung Launched Portable SSD (Samsung T5) With Capacity Upto 2TB

Samsung has launched new and more improved version of its potable SSD which has data transfer speed of 540MBps. Samsung is working on improving computer user experience by building portable small sized SSD’s. Last year Samsung introduced its Samsung T3 Portable SSD which had a data transfer rate of 450MBps. Recently Samsung has launched its Samsung T5 Portable SSD which has a same size, weight and dimensions as T3 SSD but have improved the design and data transfer speed.

Samsung Launched Portable SSD (Samsung T5) With Capacity Upto 2TB

Source: Samsung

Samsung T3 SSD was half finished in aluminum and half in a soft touch matt black plastic but Samsung T5 SSD is a full metal design. Similarly the T3 SSD had top transfer speed of 450MBps, Samsung has improved the transfer speed of T5 SSD to 540MBps. The new Samsung T5 Portable SSD comes with a USB 3.1 generation two interface. The T5 Portable SSD also has better device compatibility with USB Type-C to A and USB Type-C to C cables, instead of the T3’s sole Type-C to A cable.

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The T5 SSD comes in two colors. Black model comes with 1TB and 2TB storage capacity while the blue model comes with 250GB and 500GB storage. The price for T5 SSD starts from $130. T5 SSD is compatible with Windows, macOS and android and allows encryption through Samsung SSD software. The device will allow more storage, portability and competitive price. Samsung T5 SSD are already available in market.

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