What is Google Home Mini And Home Max. All You Want To Know

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a device which might not have gained much attention during the October 4, 2017. The same event at which Google announced its second generation smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The Google Home mini is a real fun and will offer the connectivity for our future devices.


Google Home Mini Speakers Specs And Features

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker priced at $49 and most probably will compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot. This is a tiny smart speaker which most probably does not share all the features offered by Google Home but it is more affordable and will be more feasible for users. Google Home Mini comes in three different colors charcoal, gray and coral.

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The Google Home Mini resembles to a pebble wrapped in mesh. Due to its smaller size it might not be able to create a sound that is equivalent to the larger Google Home but the good feature is that it occupies a very little space and can be placed at any spot without it being noticed. Google has claimed that the Home Mini has a sound better then you can expect. The device can also be connected to a Chromecast enabled speaker for listening music.

Google Home Max

Another similar device launched at the event was Google Home Max. This is a giant speaker which Google claims to be 20 times louder than the Google Home. The Home Max also share the same mesh like design but is larger than the Home Mini and is made up of acoustically transparent fabric. The device is powered by AI which allows it to adjust the speaker output according to the room size and the music.

Google Home Max AI Powered Speaker Speces And Features TechGuar

Home Max has a dual 4.5inch woofers and rigid housing which makes it produce create sound. You can play your favorite music directly from YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify and many other sources. The device is compatible with Google Assistant. Google Home Max will come in gray and black color and will be available in market starting in December priced at $399.

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