Windows 10 Getting A Major Redesigned UI Through Update

Windows 10 creators Microsoft has confirmed that they are working on a radical redesign its classic windows 10 user interface. Microsoft has made several changes in its traditional user interface in the past but this time Microsoft is going to follow a minimalist approach.

Windows 10, Second Update, Project Neon 2017

The company has named this change as Project Neon and is expected to arrive in a second update in 2017. onMSFT has revealed a timeline which does not mention the date of release. But this chart shows that there will be two updates this year. After a detailed review we have concluded that the updates might be released in May 2017 and the second update might be released in November.

It is expected that the Microsoft is going to remove its windows borders and make some changes to its task-bar menu, new animations and additional translucency. We will have to wait until the updates are released to see whether they are welcomed by the Windows 10 users.