Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Features And Rumors

Apple Watch Series 3 are expected to be available in market in September 2017.  In this article we decided to sum up some of the information which is already available through rumors, expected release date and some of the features of Apple Watch 3. Early rumors suggested that the Apple Watch 3 will come with a micro-LED display, upgraded battery, front facing camera and a smart band.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Features and Rumors

Latest rumors are suggesting that the Apple Watch 3 will have a SIM card slot and a built-in 4G connectivity. Details of Apple Watch 3 are listed below.

Smart Wristband

According to Tech Radar the Apple Watch 3 will come with a smart fabric wristband. This smart fabric wristband will be able to display time and simple notification. This feature will definitely  add more grace to the Apple Watch.


According to Economic Daily News Apple has signed a contract with a Quanta which is a Taiwan based technology manufacturer. Quanta will use its expertise to improve the battery life for Apple Watch 3.


Apple Watch 3 is expected to have a micro-LED display as compared to OLEDs. This feature will improve display brightness while consuming less power. Apple has decided to stick with 1.65 inch screen size with a resolution of 390 x 312. Users are already comfortable with this screen size. Apple has been able to add new features to its Apple Watch 3 while still retaining the size.


Apple has been working to improve its camera technology for its upcoming devices which include iPhone 8 and Watch 3. According to latest rumors Apple has decided to include a front facing camera to Watch 3. This camera will be highly appreciated by the users as it will allow them to take selfies and make video calls which was not possible previously.

SIM Card Slot and LTE Connectivity

Apple Watch are already very popular in the market but adding a Sim Card Slot and LTE connectivity will be highly welcomed by Apple consumers. SIM card slot will a better connectivity and user will not have to carry another phone for the extra SIM.

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