Advance Protection Program For Google Account Announced By Google

Google has recently announced its Advance Protection Program for Google accounts. This program will harden the security of services attached to Google accounts which include Gmail and Google Drive. The program includes a new set of advanced security features which adds an extra layer of security.

Google Advance Protection Program, Added Security To Google Account

The feature is less convenient but will a secure way using Google services. These days online data is vulnerable to online breaches and user are worried about data secured online. The program is optional and any using Google products can sign up for this program for free.

Once a user signs up for the Advance Protection Program  he will be issued a security key which will be stored on a USB stick and the user will need email, password and the security key to access your account. Since USB security key will be stored in a physical USB device and require the user to plug in the USB to get access to Google services it will become almost impossible for hackers to gain access to user account.

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This service is not limited to personal computers but is also offered to smartphone users. In case a user wants to use Google services on a smartphone he will have to provide a Bluetooth Security key.  The only downside of the program is that the user will have to invest in buy security key from somewhere a Google recommended seller like Amazon or Yubico. The FIDO U2F Security Key is available at Ybico for $18.

Once you sign up for this service it will also become impossible for third party app developers to access any data on Gmail or Drive as this data will be restricted. If you store your sensitive data online, then investing a little amount to secure it is not a bad investment. You will not have to worry about data breaches or network vulnerabilities.

You can sign up to the Advanced Protection Program here.

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