Google Decides to Shut Down Google Spaces

Google Spaces which was an experimental chat app launched by Google in May 2016, will soon be discontinued. Google Spaces was a social media platform for group chat and sharing content online. Spaces allowed the group members to share links, documents and YouTube videos in a group discussion. Google Spaces was expected to be success but that did not become reality.

Google Spaces Group Messaging App TechGuar

Google recently decided that it is now time to discontinue Google Spaces. According to online information the service will be discontinued and will go to read only mode on March 03, 2017 and then on April 17, 2017 the content of Google Spaces will be deleted. It’s time for Google Spaces halt their activities and take backup of any necessary data by April, 17. Google Spaces had a very short lifespan and might apparently seem to be a failed project but the facts are different. Google was able to collect some pertinent data which can be used to improve its other services like Google Allo, Hangouts and may be some future apps.

Critics of Google are accusing Google for releasing half-baked products with a very short lifespan. Google seems to be following an unfocused strategy for its messaging apps. Google should concentrate and optimize its apps rather than launching similar apps.  Google Hangouts is a good example here. Google instead of improving and enhancing the experience of Hangout users, Google launched Allo and Duo. Hangouts capable of performing several functions that are included in Allo and Duo. It seems like Google is creating competition among its own apps.