Google Will Stop Its Instant Search Feature (Automatic Populating of Search Results)

Google has decided to stop its Instant Search feature. This feature allowed automatic populating of search results while the user were typing a search query. This feature was much appreciated in 2010 when Google first introduced it. But time has changed and so have the user preferences. Instant Search worked effectively on desktop and laptop PC’s but nowadays most of the searches are made on mobile devices. Instant Search is not as user friendly on mobile device as it used to be on PC’s.

Google Will Stop Its Instant Search Feature (Automatic Populating of Search Results)

In 2010 this feature was introduced by Google with an intention to save users million of seconds per hour because this feature showed instant search results that matched the query the user were typing. Instant Search instead of saving time for mobile device users is becoming counter-intuitive and most user find it inconvenient to use this service on small screens. Many users have already disabled this feature in their devices.

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Speaking to Search Engine Land, A Google spokesperson has confirmed that the Instant Search feature will soon be removed to provide better user experience for mobile device users.

“We launched Google Instant back in 2010 with the goal to provide users with the information they need as quickly as possible, even as they typed their searches on desktop devices. Since then, many more of our searches happen on mobile, with very different input and interaction and screen constraints. With this in mind, we have decided to remove Google Instant, so we can focus on ways to make Search even faster and more fluid on all devices”.

There is no doubt ending this service will bring a more positive search experience to the mobile device users.