How To Use Facebook Messenger To Send And Receive Payments Through Paypal

As we all know that Facebook is working on adding more and more features that are useful to the users. Facebook added a feature in 2015 which allowed users to send and receive payments by adding a debit card or bank account to Facebook account. Facebook has introduced a new feature which will allow users to send and receive payments through Paypal using their Facebook Messenger.

How To Use Facebook Messenger To Send And Receive Payments Through Paypal

Although Facebook’s old option for sending and receiving payments was very useful but there are a lots of users who prefer to make payments through Paypal. Viewing this demand Facebook has introduced Paypal as an alternative. To make payments through Paypal  while staying on Facebook Messenger you need to follow a few simple steps.


  1. Tap blue colored plus icon in chat window.
  2. Tap the green button which is titled “Payments
  3. If you have previously selected to pay from you debit card tap the change button.
  4. Choose Paypal to connect your account to Messenger.
  5. Once Paypal account is connected select Paypal as option
  6. Now you can send payment using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has introduced a customer bot to guide user in receiving and sending money. The feature allows users to send money to individuals or a selected group of people. The feature is available to use starting from October 20, 2017 and is at the moment limited for US users only.

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