Facebook Community Help Tool Will Keep People Connected During Emergencies

Facebook with its 1.87 billion monthly active users is one of the most used social network. This figure definitely reflects how much this social network has become a part of our lives. This tool is regularly used to stay connected to friends, family and the community. In the times of a crisis when we need the support of our family, friends and the community this social network can be very useful. Facebook can make it easier to seek relief and find support for communities in crisis.

Facebook Community Help Techguar

Facebook which already has a feature named Safety Check which allows you to stay connected with friends and loved ones during a crisis. This feature allows you to share your location during a crisis. This feature was first deployed on April 25, 2015 after Nepal Earthquake. Now Facebook has decided to take one step further and introduced Community Help which will be operated under Safety Check. Community Help is a tool that will be activated in disaster hit areas and users will be able to post request for help or offer assistance in relief works. The requests will be filtered according to category and location. This tool can be used to manage human resource, supplies, shelter and humanitarian aid. The tool will be tested in some of the countries before becoming available worldwide. Facebook has already consulted some of the Humanitarian Aid Organizations.