Google Starts Integrating Duo Video Calls To Android Apps

Google Duo was announced by Google in March and was initially focused on video calls. Google is juggling with its messaging apps. Google has been working with several messaging apps like Google Allo and Google Hangouts and Google Duo for voice and video calling. Recently Google has started to integrate Google Duo video calling through other Android Apps.

Google Starts Integrating Duo Video Calls To Android Apps

The video calling integration is at the moment limited to a selected number of smartphones but most probably will become a standard Android feature in future. After this deep integration of Google Duo it will allow users to make video calls to their contacts through phone, contacts and other Android messaging applications.

The process will be different for each method. If you want to place a video call through your phone the Duo video call option will appear in your call history and search. Similarly if a user wants to place a video call to their contacts the option will appear next to the contact’s name. Finally if you prefer to place a Duo video call through Android messaging app the option will appear in the conversation.

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Due to this deeper integration of Google Duo video call will become fairly easy. There is a catch in it, both the users need to be running Android 7.0 Nougat or Oreo to avail this option. Currently this functionality is limited to Nexus, Pixel and Android One devices.

It is expected that the Google Duo video calling functionality will come to other devices but Google has not provided any timeline. The feature will be impletmented to wider Android devices through carrier and Google device partners.

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