Twitter Attacked By Turkish Hackers

Recent diplomatic tension between Turkey and Netherland and Germany have taken a new twist when Turkish hackers attacked Twitter. Turkish hackers on Wednesday March 15, 2017 hijacked several high profile Twitter accounts and replaced with anti-Nazi messages in Turkish language.

Turkish Hackers Attack Twitter

These messages were in support of Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan. The diplomatic tension between Turkey and Netherland, Germany and several European Union countries escalated when German government stopped Turkish ministers from joining rallies in favor of Turkish president.

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Turkish president is pushing a referendum next month which will expand his powers. Erdogan is keen to rally approximately 4.6 million expatriate Turks who are living in different parts of Western Europe. Erdogan accused German and Dutch governments of Nazi-style tactics. This resulted in protests, Dutch Government used riot police, dogs and water cannons were used to confront protesters.

Hackers from Turkey hijacked Twitter accounts of high profile personalities which included CEOs, publishers, politicians and government agencies. Forbes Magazine, Reuters Japan and BBC North America were also some of the victims of this attack.

The Twitter attack came at a time when Dutch voters were casting ballots in their general election. Turkish hackers used hashtags in Turkish #Nazihollanda and #Nazialmanya which can be read as NaziHollland and Nazi Germany. The accounts were also branded with Turkish flag and messages supporting Turkish President.

Twitter Under Attach By Turkish Hackers

Initial investigations have revealed that the problem seemed to have originated with a third party application Twitter Counter. Twitter Counter is a third party application which having permissions to read and write tweets for users. Twitter Counter said that they were aware of the attack and immediately blocked its services.

A Twitter spokesman said it was aware of the latest account takeovers and had begun to investigate. “We quickly located the source which was limited to a third party app. We removed its permissions immediately,” a Twitter statement said. It added that no additional accounts are affected. Twitter immediately came in action by restoring and recovering hijacked profiles.