Android Devices Will Soon Be Able To Find Nearby Devices While Being Offline

Android devices will soon be able to find nearby devices while being offline. With this new technology Android apps will be able to automatically bid with nearby devices. This feature was introduced at I/O in may but recently Google has made the second generation of its Nearby Connections toolkit which is now available for Android Developers.


This new framework will be able to communicate with nearby devices through Bluetooth and WiFi without using an internet connection. Nearby Connections uses WiFi, Bluetooth LE & Classic Bluetooth under the hood to discover and establish connections to nearby devices. Nearby Connections fully offline, high bandwidth peer to peer device communication. This feature will be useful for many purposes like offline games, syncing data with other devices and merging contacts between two trusted devices.

The Nearby Connections framework is not currently available to the users but some of the developers are already working on integrating this feature in their apps. For example GameInsight is looking forward to integrate this feature to enable offline users to play multiplayer games without being connected to internet. The feature will be highly appreciated by users having smart devices that are controlled by smartphones.