Moto Z User Might Soon Get Physical Keyboard Slider Mod

Moto users get ready to add a physical keyboard slider Mod to your Moto Z. Motorola which is a subsidiary of Lenovo launched its Moto Z series in June 2016. This smartphone has been very popular and much liked by the users for its modular design.

Moto Z series smartphone allow to attach accessories magnetically to further enhance its capabilities.  These accessories can directly communicate with the phone through pogo pin connectors on the rear cover. JBL Soundboost, Hassleblad True Zoom Camera, TUMI power pack and Moto Insta-Share Projector are some of the Moto Mods that are quiet popular and already available in market.

Motorola also announced some of the Moto Mods prototypes at MWC 2017. These Moto Mods included Gamepad, Wireless Charging, Power Bank and Amazon Alexa Mods. The recent news comes from Indiegogo where Liangchen and his team are working on a Physical Keyboard Slider Mod.

Physical Keyboard Slider Mod for Moto Z

This is a crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo, Liangchen and his team are trying to raise $100,000 for their Physical Keyboard Slider Mod they have already $34,035.

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This Physical Keyboard Slider Mod will can turn your Moto Z Series Phone into a five-row QWERTY Slider with comfortable keys. The team is also considering to a battery to extend the phone’s battery life. This project is still in concept phase.

Once this project is completed, the team looks forward to launch this in three different colors to match your phone. You can even tilt the screen between 0 and 45 degrees to transform your Moto Z into a super mini PC. The real price of this Mod is still not known but Super early birds can expect this Mod in black color for $60 estimated time of this project is July 2017 depending on the crowdfunding. The team is looking forward for your support.  We hope this project gets successful as this is a nice concept and would definitely enhance user experience for Moto Z users.