Nexus Android TV Player Android 8.0 Factory Image Released By Google

Google released Android 8.0 factory image for Nexus Android TV player. The factory images are available at Google’s Developer website. The previously released September security patch for Nexus and Pixel devices but there was no mention of the update for Nexus Android TV.

Nexus Android TV Player Android 8.0 Factory Image Released By Google

DroidLife mentioned in their report that the new version OPR6.170623.021 contains the security update for the Nexus Android TV player. Google Developer website also mentions a warning saying ‘installing the factory image will erase all the data from the device’.

The users who are planning to install the new updates are advised to take backup of the data before starting the installation and restore the data after installation is completed. If you have never installed a factory image previously, you are advised to wait for the OTA updates which will automatically update your device.

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Google has made some changes and added few new features to Android 8.0 to improve user experience. These features include a much improved user interface which allows customizable notification and picture in picture mode which can allow you to run a video activity in the pinned window while another activity continues in the background.

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The Android Oreo 8.0 update has added security update and improved connectivity options. A new feature called Wi-Fi Aware will make your device more energy efficient and allow the connectivity with other devices without using internet connection or Wi-Fi hotspot.

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