Apple Extended AppleCare+ Purchase Time From 60 Days to One Year

Good news for Apple customers. Apple has recently extended its AppleCare+ smartphone insurance time period. AppleCare+ which was previously offered to customers during checkout process or if they bought it within 60 days after purchase. Recent updates to AppleCare+ now allows iPhone users to buy AppleCare+ plan up to a year after the original purchase date.

Apple Extends AppleCare+ eligibility from 60 days to one year

Through AppleCare+ iPhone users can get a repair or replacement coverage which includes parts, software and technical support. AppleCare+ covers iPhone, its battery, earphones and accessories.

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Previously the customers who bought an iPhone from an authorized store had the option to add AppleCare+ plan within 60 days. After a recent update the customers who have purchased an iPhone within last one year are also able to see a AppleCare+ purchase option in Apple’s eligibility tool.

AppleCare+ adds up to two incidents of damage coverage, you will be subject to a service fee of $29, or $99 for any other damage, exclusive of any applicable taxes. Apple requires a physical examination of your device before you can buy AppleCare+ and if you pay for AppleCare+ online a remote inspection will be performed.