Confirmed Google Pixel 2 Premium Smartphone Is Coming This Year

According to latest news Google is planning to release it second Pixel phone in this year. The phone will be a premium smartphone Pixel 2. Google has confirmed that Pixel will stay premium and the company has no plans to turn Pixel into a lower-tier smartphones.

Google has been very successful with its Nexus series phone. The first Nexus phone was released on January 05, 2010 which was designed and manufactured by HTC. Google then partnered with several manufacturers for its Nexus series phones. The last of Nexus series Nexus 6 was a premium priced phone which started from $649. Nexus 6 was manufactured by Motorola. In October 2016 Google decided to launch a Phone By Google Pixel series. Both Pixel and Pixel XL are high specs premium phones. The phones are difficult to find in stores and consumers are waiting for new stock arrival. The phones have gone viral raising its demand.

Google Pixel Smartphone TechGuar

Google’s Senior Vice President Of Hardware Rick Osterloh confirmed Google Pixel 2 will be released this year. Rick Osterloh also declined the rumors about a low budget Pixel phone. It’s been confirmed that Google is not going to enter low-budget phone market. This is really a sensible by Google as there is already a very high competition in budget phone market. This way Google can generate a handsome profit from its smarphones and the device will remain premium.

Google Pixel 2 TechGuar

The expected release date is October 2017 but it will have to see a tough competition. With iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8 in market the Pixel 2 will have to offer better build and features. It is expected that Google Pixel 2 will have a high quality camera, faster processor, water-resistance and small bezels. Google Pixel 2 is also expected to have more RAM and 128GB of internal storage.