Essential Inc Might Get Sued For Its Key Feature Modular Accessory Technology

Essential Inc is a company which was created by Android co-founder Andy Rubin and the manufacturer of Essential Phone which was released in August 2017. The company has been the center of several controversies since its launch. Spigen which is a case manufacturer sued the company for using its brand name “Essential”. Another controversy  that surrounded Essential is failing timely delivery of pre-orders and now the company is being sued for its Modular Accessory Technology.

Essential Phone Modular Accessory Technology-TechGuar

Source: Essential

Modular accessory technology is a key feature offered in Essential Phones. This feature is similar to Modular designs introduced by Motorola, which allows users to attach modular accessories to their devices. Motorola used a pin methods to attach accessories while the Essential is actually using a wireless connector located at the back.

Essential used a dedicated wireless connector which allows both connection and data transfer wirelessly at a speed of up to 6GB/second through a physical contact. Keyssa Inc., has opted to sue Essential for this wireless connection design. Keyssa is a company co-founded by Tony Fadell and is well known for its wireless technology “Kiss Connectivity”.

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Kiss Connectivity is a technology which is used as an alternative to conventional data transfer through pins and ports. It allows user to transfer data wirelessly without requiring to get connected to pins/ports, only a physical contact is required to transfer large data.

Keyssa Inc, claimed in the lawsuit that Essential was in discussion with Keyssa for 10 months and negotiating to use Kiss Connectivity technology in their Essential Phone but later after the relationship fell through and Essential chose to use a wireless connectivity chip from SiBEAM.

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Keyssa claims that although Essential has used a different chip but it used Keyssa’s method in their final design to make wireless connection work better. Keyssa has also claimed that these methods were discussed with Essential and the information was under non-disclosure agreements.  Keyssa has been in discussion with Essential to get compensated for their information but since the attempts to resolve this issue have failed therefore it is possible that Keyssa will soon file a law suit against Essential.


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