Galaxy Note 8 Display Judged As The Industry Best By DisplayMate Technologies

As you might have already noticed that the Galaxy Note 8 has so much similarity with the Galaxy S8+. In fact both the handsets have a same sized Super AMOLED screen. Both Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 have same screen resolution and aspect ratio. Although the display looks same but Samsung has made some improvements in the Galaxy Note 8 display.

Galaxy Note 8 Display Judged As The Industry Best By DisplayMate

DisplayMate Technologies which is the world’s leading company well known for its Video Diagnostics and Test Patterns in Spring 2017 rated Galaxy S8 for having the best ever display for handsets. The company awarded A+ rating for Galaxy S8 but Samsung did not stop there. DisplayMate diagnostics test revealed that Galaxy Note 8 display is even brighter as compared to Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 was able to achieve 1,000+ nits of peak brightness whereas the Galaxy Note 8 was able to take this limit to 1,200 and setting a new peak standard.

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Samsung has successfully improved the display of Galaxy Note 8 to make its readability best in any conditions. Samsung Note 8 screen has extra-large native color gamut which allows it to generate results which can easily compete a 4K UHD TVs.

Galaxy Note 8 display has best performance improvements, color accuracy, brightness, contrast, view angle and power savings. This means that the with its Gorilla Glass 5 Note 8 can display the best ever images and sharpest HDR content on a handset screen. This is definitely a great achievement by Samsung who has outperformed its own highest standards in handset display.

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