Google And Xiaomi Might Partner On Android One Smartphone

There is no doubt that Xiaomi has been very successful in becoming one of the largest smartphone manufacturer especially in Asian market. Xiaomi strategically targeted China, India, Indonesia and some other Asian countries which have high demand for smartphone technology. Xiaomi devices are more budget friendly as compared to other competitors. According to recent rumors Xiaomi has partnered with Google to launch Android One devices.

Google And Xiaomi Might Partner On Android One Smartphone

Android One is actually not a new project for Google which has a few years ago attempted to launch a similar project. Android One was intended to replicate the strategy to combine hardware and software similar to Nexus and Pixel devices.  Unfortunately the project was not a success. According to new reports both Xiaomi and Google are planning to work together to produce a new Android One device.

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Xiaomi has created mid range devices which have a high demand in the Asian markets. Xiaomi uses its own interface commonly known as MIUI, MIUI is a stock and aftermarket firmware.   Although this interface is simple and there is a large segment of buyers which are satisfied with MIUI but it is a well established fact that pure Android experience is much appreciated because of its simplicity and quick updates.

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According to Krispitech the Android One device will have a design similar to Xiaomi Mi 5X and will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. The Android one device might be named as Xiaomi A1 or Xiaomi Tissot. It does not matter what the final name for this device will be, one thing we are sure about this project is that with its budget friendly price by Xiaomi and support from Google this device will become a great success.

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