Several iOS Apps Found To Be Vulnerable To Hacker Attacks

Its a common believe that iOS App Store is more secure as compared to Android Play Store, but recently a security expert Will Strafach who is also the CEO Sudo Security Group Inc. disclosed a list of around 76 popular Apps which are vulnerable to hacker attacks. This is not the first time that a vulnerability is detected in iOS app store. There have been vulnerable apps found in the App Store in the past. This time there are 76 apps but the cumulative download count of these apps is approximately 18 million downloads.  This list and the level of vulnerability is published on Strafach’s company discovered the vulnerabilities during development of which is still in development phases. is a service which is intended to get several technical information by scanning the binary codes of apps that are live in iOS App Store.

iOS App Store

iOS App Store

The list shared by Strafach has classified these vulnerabilities into High, Medium and Low level vulnerability. According to this information there are 19 high risk, 24 medium risk and 33 low risk apps. Strafach has only published some low risk apps due and avoided to publish the high and medium risk apps due to security reasons.  The low risk vulnerable apps include some well known apps which include Cheetah Browser, ooVoo, Volify, Snapchat-Send Photos & Videos, Mico, Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi), Foscam IP Camera Viewer and Aman Bank.

The vulnerable Apps can allow the hackers to carry out “man in the middle attack” which is a term used for cyberattack in which hackers can intercept the communication between two parties. These types of attacks are mostly carried out in public wifi networks. As a precaution it is advised to avoid public wifi networks, use of trusted VPN services and use cellular data for sensitive activity on your cell phone.