Wireless Charging Coming For iPhone 8

There is a good news for iPhone users. Wireless charging feature in iPhone 8 which was just a rumor has been confirmed. Wireless charging was a much awaited feature by iPhone users as most of the major Smartphone manufactures i.e. Samsung, Sony, LG, and Nokia have already introduced this feature in their Smartphones quite a time ago. Wireless charging has been a much appreciated feature but Apple smartphones lacked this feature.
iPhone 8 Qi Wireless Charing Techguar

Recently Apple has joined Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) as its 213th member. WPC group is the industry leader which manages the wireless charging standards. After Apple becoming a member of this group we can clearly confirm that iPhone has started to consider offering wireless charging in their upcoming iPhones.

WPC group is the pioneer of the Qi wireless charging standard which has already been adopted by several Smartphone manufactures. Some of the phones having this feature include, Samsung Galaxy S5-S7, Nexus 4-7, Motorola Droid Maxx and Nokia Lumia 820, 920, 1020, 1050. Nokia was the first Smartphone manufacturer to adopt Qi inductive charging in year 2012.

Qi wireless charging has also evolved during this time. Gone are the times when the Smartphone had to be placed on a charging disk for getting the device charged. Now the new advancements allow a device to get charged from a distance of approx. 15 feet. This technology might still not be adopted by iPhone yet as there are reports that iPhone will stick to inductive wireless charging. This is bad as the new long distance wireless charging feature could certainly put Apple ahead of its competitors.