iPhone 8 Plus Device Spotted Burst Open Due To Battery Issues

Apple debuted its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X on September 12, 2017. There is no doubt there are so many folks who have waited for this event so much. It’s hardly been 10 days since Apple started  shipping iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus and already there have been a few incidents where the user have reported battery issues with iPhone 8 Plus devices.

iPhone 8 Plus Device Spotted Burst Open Due To Battery Issues

Image Credit: Twitter

The incident was first reported by MacRumors and Sydney Morning Herald where the iPhone 8 Plus was spotted burst open due to battery problems. The first incident was recorded in Taiwan and the second one was reported from Japan. The iPhone 8 Plus users reported that the while charging there iPhones they noted that the aluminum frame is being detached from the body.

The users posted the pictures of their damaged iPhone 8 plus on social media. Tech blog MacRumors spoke to an Apple spokesperson, who confirmed that they were already aware and looking into this matter. Today MacRumors has reported two more incidents where Anthony Wu‏, from Toronto, Canada and iRepair, an iPhone, iPad, Mac repair shop in Greece also reported the same issue.

iPhone 8 Plus Device Spotted Burst Open Due To Battery Problems

Image Source: Twitter

The problem presumably seems to be  a bad battery issue which can be seen in the pictures posted by the users. The pictures clearly show that charging the battery has caused it to swell which results in pressure on the frame which pushes it to detach from the body.

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Although these are just a few incidents but this matter is not to be taken so light. We all can recall how a faulty battery in Samsung Note 7 forced the company to recall its Note 7 from the market, which not only damaged Samsung‘s reputation, loss of consumer confidence and caused a great financial loss to the company.

Apple is already aware and investigating the battery issue and we all hope that this does not become a full-blown concern. Apple will have to find and address the possible root cause of this problem.

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