Leaked Images of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (Refurbished) Confirmed 3200mAh Battery

Recently leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (Refurbished)  confirmed 3200mAh Battery. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been all around the news for more than any other Samsung smartphone. No doubt it was one of the most awaited phone last year but after its launch several disastrous event made Samsung to recall its Galaxy Note 7. Even now after  almost 7 months the phone is still making headlines. We reported earlier that Samsung is planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R SM-N935 (Refurbished) Confirm 3200mAh Battery

Samsung denied that it has no plans to resell its refurbished Note 7. Then after few days the company confirmed that it is considering to sell refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7 in Asian markets. Now images of a refurbished Note 7 have been leaked out.

Although these are not official images but the phone has exactly the same features other than the battery capacity and model number. Galaxy Note 7 was SM-N930 and the leaked images are of SM-N935. The original Galaxy Note 7 came with a 3500mAh battery whereas this model has a 3500mAh battery capacity.

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Samsung had already confirmed that the original Samsung Note 7 had some technical design issues which made the battery electrodes prone to bending. This issue caused short-circuit and eventually resulted in overheating and then catching fire. Samsung has tested Galaxy Note 7 and refurbished version which is allegedly Galaxy Note 7R is expected to not have the battery issues.

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Samsung still has not officially announced exactly in which countries the refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7 will be sold. It is expected that the Galaxy Note 7R will be sold in some Asian countries and some of the European countries where the users would love to buy it for a reduced price and an official warranty. After all its a Samsung premium device and if the battery problem has been resolved it will be lucrative deal. Samsung will have to take approval from regulatory authorities and consult local carriers to sell its refurbished Note 7.