Lenovo Decides To Reintroduce “Motorola” Branding

Lenovo who owns Motorola after a successful deal with Google in 2014 is still confused about overhauling its brand name. In 2016 Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh revealed companies plan. Osterloh said “”We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto”. Lenovo will not completely kill the Motorola Brand name. At that time Lenovo decided that its high end devices will be branded as Moto and their low end budget devices will be branded as Vibe.

Lenovo also at a stage planed to replace the iconic Moto logo by sport blue Lenovo logo. The company also decided to use “Moto by Lenovo” name for their devices.  The company also decided to launch Lenovo Vibe phones in markets where Motorola is popular and vice versa. This decision was also an attempt to gain popularity in international markets.

Motorola Blue Logo

After the success of Moto Z series the company has a more clear vision now and have finally decided how to present themselves.  The company has decided to keep the Moto branding and make it stronger. Lenovo’s decision is supported by success of Moto Z series which has become popular due to its Moto Mods innovation.

Motorola Moto Z Techguar

According latest news Lenovo is actually now planning to reintroduce the Moto branding. Lenovo has actually decided to slowly phase out its Vibe, Lenovo and ZUK brands and make Motorola “Moto” its umbrella brand. This time Lenovo will follow a slow transition and rebrand its product in phases.

Moto is already very popular brand in US, Brazil and some European countries, so this move will be easy to implement. On the other hand there are countries like Russia and China where Lenovo has bigger following. It will take time for consumer to accept Motorola as a replacement brand for Lenovo. We know that will create more confusions for the consumers but once this plan is executed fully it will be beneficial in long run.