LG G4 And V10 Owners File Class-Action Lawsuit Against LG

LG G4 and V10 owners are super mad at LG and have filed Class-action lawsuit against LG. LG G4 and V10 were very popular since there launch but soon after purchasing the phones started boot loop issues. Boot loop is a condition in which smartphone endlessly reboots and finally bricks the device. These bricked devices are nothing more than a paperweight. LG did replace the defective devices that were under warranty.

LG did admit in January 2016 that the boot loops issues were caused by a “loose contact between components. LG G4 owners claimed that even the replaced devices had the same flaws and LG replaced the devices until the warranty period expired.

LG G4 And V10 Owners File Class-Action Lawsuit Against LG

Some of the G4 owners figured out that the problem was with the processor which slowly gets disconnected from the motherboard eventually resulting in boot loops. LG V10 which was almost an advanced version of LG G4 was launched in October 2015 was released with similar hardware issues.

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Some of the owners of LG G4 and LG V10 have taken this matter to the court and have filed class-action lawsuit. The suit seeks “damages in an amount to be determined at trial” and demands that LG launches a program to “repair all LG phones containing the defect”.

The lawsuit claims:

“Despite this admission, LG did not undertake a recall or offer an adequate remedy to consumers who purchased the LG G4 phone. LG instead replaced LG G4s that failed within the one-year warranty period with phones that had the same defect. And LG refused to provide any remedy to purchasers of LG G4s that failed outside the warranty period because of the bootloop defect”. Source Ars Technica

Both the devices were premium smartphones G4 was launched at a price $550-$620 and similarly V10 was priced $600+. Although LG later produced G5 and V20 without any boot loop issues but due to poor handling of boot loop issue consumers lost their faith in LG.