Microsoft Officially Ended Support For Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has officially ended its support for Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone 8.1 is the most popular version of Windows Phone and is estimated to run approximately 80 percent of Windows Phone devices. Microsoft ended support of Windows Phone 8 operating system in January, 2016 and Windows Phone 7.x operating system in October, 2014.

Microsoft Officially Ended Support For Windows Phone 8.1

Several Apps developers have already removed their Apps from Windows Phone Store. This includes WhatsApp and Evernote. Since Microsoft has decided to end support for Windows Phone 8.1 now, it means that the users are left alone to find their ways to find solutions for bugs and fixes. Now users with Windows Phone 8.1 will either have to find a way to update their device to Windows 10 Mobile or find solutions for bugs by themselves.

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Microsoft Windows Phone was an effort to compete and make a dent to Android and iOS operating systems but unfortunately the operating system was not as successful as expected. The operating system was not able to attract mobile App development companies to develop apps for Windows Phone platform.

It is clear that Microsoft has given up the fight to compete Android and iOS operating systems. CEO of Microsoft had already admitted last year that the company had “clearly missed the mobile phone,”. The company is now focusing on other products. Now Android and iOS duopoly has become even stronger after Microsoft has decided to quit on Windows Phone.