Do we really need 6GB/8GB RAM in Smartphones

There was time when the smartphone were rated on the basis of Camera. The trend has changed now, companies have shifted their attention toward RAM and processor. Companies are now trying to create a better multi tasking supported phone to increase the performance of their phones. Smartphone companies are now offering 6GB/8GB RAM in their devices.

The 6GB RAM smartphone was first introduced by Vivo in 2016. This became trendy and forced several companies like Samsung, Asus, Huawei, OnePlux, ZTE, Xiaomi and Oppo  to release smartphones with 6GB RAM. We all have used smartphones with 2GB and 3GB RAM smartphones and were satisfied with the performance. The additional RAM in a smartphone increases the price of the phone. The real question here is that, do we really need a 6GB/8GB smartphones. Does having a larger RAM on-board guarantees a better performance.

Huawei Logo

The answer is no. Performance of a smartphone is dependent on several factors and yes larger amount of RAM is a factor. But the reality is that the performance depends on the processor and the optimization of operating system. If we have a greater amount of RAM but the processor and operating system is not optimized to make full use of RAM, it will not give favorable results. Recently a Huawei executive Lao Shi posted on his Weibo page that 4GB RAM is enough for a smartphone to run smoothly. He mentioned that it is important to optimize the operating system to get better performance. He further mentioned an example of iOS which does not need much RAM to run smoothly. Huawei also manufactures several 6GB phones but what Lao Shi is saying is that the performance is not guaranteed by only larger RAM. The funny thing here is that Lao Shi posted to his Weibo page using his Huawei P10 Plus which has 6GB RAM.

We cannot deny the fact that large RAM is necessary. If we have a better processor on-board we can decrease the quantity of RAM while optimizing the operating system. Extra RAM mostly sits underutilized while just increasing the price of the phone. Next time you purchase a smartphone you need to evaluate whether you need extra RAM or not.