Samsung Might Start Selling Refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the most disastrous phones ever made by Samsung. Samsung’s Note series was a huge success until the launch of Galaxy Note 7 which not only ruined the image of Note series but also caused Samsung huge loss in terms of revenue and reputation. A series of event in which Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were reportedly caught fire were reported and Samsung had to recall its Note 7 from the market.

Samsung Note 7 Refurbished India Vietnam TechGuar

The devices were so popular at the time of launch and were much liked by the users. Samsung had to offer discounts for replacing the Note 7 with other Samsung devices. The company even had to roll out updates which bricked the Note 7 devices making it useless for the customers. After much investigations the real cause was found to be exploding batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled TechGuar

Recently a Korean outlet Hankyung has reported that Samsung is planning to resell its refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices after some changes in the battery. The batteries of refurbished Galaxy Notes 7 will be replaced with 3000 and 3200mAh batteries instead of 3500mAh. Samsung still has a stock of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s. Samsung might not sell these refurbished Galaxy Note 7s in American or European markets. Vietnam, India and some Asian countries are the potential markets where the consumer will definitely welcome these refurbished devices, if they do not catch fire this time. After all who would not be interested in buying a high end device at a discounted rates.