Samsung Unveils Its AI Assistant Bixby To Compete With Siri And Google Assistant

As we all know that Samsung will reveal its Samsung S8 on March 29 in New York. Many features of Samsung Galaxy S8 has been surrounded by rumors. Everyday there is a new leak and a new feature is unveiled. Samsung has unveiled its personal AI assistant named Bixby to compete with Siri and Google Assistant. Bixby will be a new feature that will come with Galaxy S8.

Samsung confirmed that Bixby will be a multipurpose AI assistance which Samsung plans to include with not only their smartphones but also some other devices. There are already a few choices available for voice assistance, which include Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Samsung claims that their Bixby will be fundamentally different from other voice assistants already available in the market.

Samsung Unveils Its AI Assistant Bixby To Compete With Siri And Google Assistant

Samsung claims that Bixby will differentiated by its three key features. Samsung Bixby will be able to completely control supported apps. Other voice assistants that are already available can only control a limited tasks.

Bixby’s another feature will be context awareness. Bixby will be able to understand the current context and state of application. Unlike its competitors Bixby will allow users to interact with various modes which includes touch or voice. Other voice assistants start the task from the start if the user switches the mode without understanding the user’s intention.

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The third key feature of Bixby is Cognitive Tolerance. According to Samsung Bixby will support a large number of voice commands. The other voice assistance require the users to provide an exact command to perform a task. Bixby will be able to perform tasks even with incomplete information by understanding users previous behavior. In this way users do not have to remember the exact commands.

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Bixby will also be enabled through a dedicated button on the devices. This will provide users an easy activation option. Samsung has announced that Bixby will be officially available in Galaxy S8 and future smartphones but the company has larger plans.

Samsung plans to gradually expand its  application to all appliances manufactured by Samsung. In future Bixby will be able to control TV, air conditioner, washing machines and many other appliances. Although its early to predict the future of Bixby but we believe that with the passage of time and better understanding by user experience Bixby might become a very useful AI assistant.