Xiaomi Goes Viral In India Sold 1 Million Units In 45 Days

Xiaomi which was once limited to China is now becoming very popular in global market. Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and no one at that time knew that it will become so much popular. Xiaomi decided to expand its markets to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Brazil and South Africa. It has recently partnered with Smartlink Technologies to enter Pakistani market.

The latest news comes from India where Xiaomi has set a new record in sales. Xiaomi launched its smartphones in India in January 2017 and has reached a milestone of selling 1 million smartphones in just a short span of 45 days becoming the fastest ever sold smartphone in India. This news was published on Xiaomi India’s Facebook page.

Xiaomi Goes Viral In India Sells 1 Million Units In 45 Days

Redmi Note 4 became viral from start of its sales in India. The demand was so high that the stocks went vanished instantly after launch. Xiaomi struggled to fulfill consumer demand as every time the stocks arrived stores had a flash sales and many customers had to return empty handed. If Xiaomi had managed to keep up stocks it could have easily improved these figures. There are so many consumers complaining about the shortage of stocks.

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There is no doubt that Xiaomi is fast becoming very popular in Asian markets. In order to remain popular Xiaomi need to improve its production rates and supply chain otherwise it might disappoint consumers. Xiaomi will have to learn from this experience. Xiaomi is already repeating the same mistake in Pakistan. Although it has managed to create Xiaomi online store in Pakistan but there are very few devices available and even these devices are shown to be out of stock. Xiaomi has to do its homework before entering any market.

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