A New Set Of Malicious Apps Have Been Identified On Google Play

It is not the first time that apps on Google Play have been found to have a malicious code. Once again an IT security company (ESET) has discovered a set of apps that were carrying a form of malware. The new set of affected app were found to contain Trojan Dropper.

A New Set Of Malicious Apps Have Been Identified On Google Play

Tojan Droppers are small applications which do not in-fact carry malicious activities by themselves but open ways for other malicious activities. The main feature of Trojan Dropper can get auto deleted after achieving their goals.

According to ESET these Trojan Dropper avoid requesting “suspicious permissions and even mimic the activity the user expects them to exhibit.” These malicious app executes itself in stages and obtains necessary permissions to allow malware to work on the user’s device.

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ESET points out that “as of November 14, 2017, the link had been used almost 3000 times with the vast majority of hits coming from the Netherlands.” The identified apps named by ESET include Cleaner for Android, World News, MEX Tools, Clear Android, World News PRO, WORLD NEWS, Слоты Онлайн Клуб Игровые Автоматы and Игровые Автоматы Слоты Онлайн.

These application have already been removed by Google and had a very low download score on Google Play. Google has been very responsive to reports by security companies and immediately removes any app identified in malicious activities. Google is already working on finding a way to detect and remove malicious apps from there store.

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