Do You Want To Date With Your Favorite Celebrity (Lookalike), Its Now Possible

Badoo is a dating app which also features social discovery.  Badoo has taken their app one step ahead from dating, they have introduced a facial recognition technology which allows you to find your favorite celebrity lookalikes.

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Everyone has a crush on someone in life, now if you missed the opportunity once you get another chance to meet a lookalike person using Badoo. Through this app you can chat with lookalike of your favorite personality and get a chance to know them better. Badoo is available in desktop, Android and iOS platforms. It has more than 345 million members.

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Although physical appearance should not be the only criteria for dating but there are a lots of people who would love to meet a person’s lookalike. Facial recognition feature is optional and if you are not comfortable with this feature, it can be turned off. This feature will start rolling out in a few weeks. This feature will definitely shake the dating app industry.

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