Facebook Lite: Beware Of Malware Infected APKs

A recently published report confirms that some versions of Facebook Lite APK’s have been found infected by Malware. This Malware is capable of stealing your personal information and also capable of installing malicious code.

Malwares like in Windows operating system are also a common vulnerability in Android OS. A malware is a short code intended to damage or disable computer and mobile operations. It is capable of gathering personal information as well as gaining access to unauthorized user controls without user consent.

According to MalwareByte some versions of Facebook Lite APK’s have been found infected with a Trojan. Facebook Lite which is a lightweight version of Facebook for android users which allows users to connect to Facebook at places where the connection is not stable. Facebook Lite only weighs approximately 1MB. Official version of Facebook Lite is only available in some of the countries therefore forcing to manually installing APK files.

Your Facebook Lite APK Might Be Infected Techguar


What Is Contained In Vulnerable Facebook Lite APK’s

The original files found in Google Play Store are safe to download but MalwareByte has detected two versions of contaminated version of Facebook Lite application which is available online. These application works as normal and user cannot even notice any difference but they contain a malicious code which allow them to use the services com.google.update.LaunchReceiver and com.google.update.GetInst.

These services can be used to steal user information which includes IMEI, device MAC, Phone Number, Service Operator, SIM information and Location. Apart from getting user information the malware is capable of installing third-party code without user consent.

How To Protect Yourself Infected APK’s

The known infected version of Facebook Lite is found mostly in China as Facebook is officially blocked in China thus forcing users to download the APK files from unreliable sources. For better protection the APPs should be downloaded from official Google Play Store and known reliable websites. Users can also use malware softwares and antivirus on their phones to detect any malicious software. When downloanding an App from outside Google Play Store, its better to check MD5 sum of the downloaded packages.

The infected packages found by MalwareByte have the following MD5 sum.

  • 5345429AB24BB132CFAACE51EFF63C84
  • 628235E3C56651C72326D8F5C713DBC6

If your downloaded package contains any of the above MD5 sum. You are advised to immediately delete the file. If you have already installed the infected package, you are advised to uninstall the application and run a scan on your device using any reliable malware removal tool.