Malware Alert: Preinstalled Malware Detected In Several Android Devices

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention which is also a maker of cybersecurity products has recently published a report. The found malwares in 36 android handsets which were being used by a large telecommunications company. This is not unusual to detect a malware in an android device. The strange thing about this discovery was that the malware came preinstalled on the devices.

The malware was not installed by the users and was already present when the device was bought by the users. The malware was not part of the official ROM, they were installed by using system privileges. Meaning that users cannot remove the infected apps until the device is re-flashed.

Preinstalled Android Malware Detected In 36 Mobiles

The installed malwares that came preinstalled on the devices were capable of stealing user information while some were just simple rough ad networks. The report published by Check Point Software Technologies mentioned two examples of malwares. Adnet which is Loki Malware and is capable of installing itself and can take full control of the infected device. Another malware was Sloker which is a ransomware. Ransomewares are malware that encrypt user files present on a device and then demand ransom for decryption key.

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This is not the first time that android devices are shipped with a preinstalled malware. In November 2016 researchers found devices manufactured by BLU were infected by backdoors. The infected devices were estimated to be hundreds of thousands in numbers. A separate research which was conducted by a different team a few days later uncovered another backdoor which was found on approximately 3 million android devices which included BLU and other Android device manufacturers.

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Users should scan there devices regularly by using some well known malware scanners which include Lookout, 360 Security, Check Point, AndroHelm’s Mobile Security and Malwarebytes. It is also recommended to buy android devices from reputable sellers.

Here is the list of infected APK’s and Infected devices found by Check Point Software Technologies

List Of Malware APKs                                                   Affected Devices

com.fone.player1                                                                  Galaxy Note 2

`                                                                                              LG G4                                                                     Galaxy S7

Galaxy S4

com.kandian.hdtogoapp                                                      Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 8.0                                                         Galaxy Note 2

Xiaomi Mi 4i

com.baycode.mop                                                                Galaxy A5

com.kandian.hdtogoapp                                                      Galaxy S4

com.iflytek.ringdiyclient                                                      ZTE x500                                                             Galaxy A5

com.changba                                                                         Galaxy S4

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy S4

Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note 4

com.example.loader                                                             Galaxy Tab S2                                           Galaxy Tab 2                                                      Oppo N3

Vivo X6 plus

com.mobogenie.daemon                                                      Galaxy S4                                                      Asus Zenfone 2


com.skymobi.mopoplay.appstore                                      LenovoS90

com.example.loader                                                            OppoR7 plus

com.yongfu.wenjianjiaguanli                                              Xiaomi Redmi

air.fyzb3                                                                               Galaxy Note 4

com.ddev.downloader.v2                                                   Galaxy Note 5

com.mojang.minecraftpe                                                    Galaxy Note Edge

com.androidhelper.sdk                                                       Lenovo A850

Source: Check Point Software Technologies