Samsung Confirms The Release of New Gear Smartwatch At IFA 2017

Samsung recently confirmed that the company is planning to release its Gear smartwatch at the upcoming IFA event. The announcement was made at Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch event by non other then DJ Koh, head of Samsung mobile division. DJ Koh did not provide much details about the upcoming Gear smartwatch but provided some 

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Get Google Assistance Before Selecting Android Based Smartphone

Now ask Google to assist you in selection of your next smartphone. A recently published tool by Google allows users to select the Android smartphone that suits their needs. This new tool which is available Globally at the moment suggest only those smartphones which are available through US carriers. This tool collects requirement information from 

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Android Is Becoming Most Used Operating System To Browse Internet

Windows Operating System was one of the mostly used OS for browsing internet. In 2010 no one would have agreed to with your claim that Android operating system will become the number one OS used to browse internet. Although as the current position Windows still holds the number one position as 38.6% users still use 

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