Google Pixel 2 Is Coming On October 4 To Compete With iPhone X

Google is planning to unveil Pixel 2 exactly one year after Google Pixel 1. Google has started its marketing campaign for its upcoming Pixel devices by introducing a teaser site and a new video. The video which does not actually reveal the upcoming Pixel device is just asking the smartphone users questions like “Why does 

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Pixel 2 Will Not Come With Snapdragon 836, Neither Will Any Other Phone

There is still so much confusion related to Snapdragon 836. There have been so many leaks that have claimed that some well known devices will be powered by Snapdragon 836. It was also rumored that the upcoming Google Pixel which will be most probably Pixel 2 will be powered by Snapdragon 836 SoC but recently 

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Confirmed Google Pixel 2 Premium Smartphone Is Coming This Year

According to latest news Google is planning to release it second Pixel phone in this year. The phone will be a premium smartphone Pixel 2. Google has confirmed that Pixel will stay premium and the company has no plans to turn Pixel into a lower-tier smartphones. Google has been very successful with its Nexus series 

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