More Than 500 Android Apps Found To Contain Spyware

A recent report published be security researchers have revealed that more then 500 Apps present on Google Play Store might possibly have been used secretly for the distribution of a spyware. The root cause behind this distribution of spyware is attributed to a malicious advertising SDK (Software Development Kit) used to develop these apps. Image 

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Apple And Google Removed 300 Hundred Trading Apps From Store

Apple and Google have removed hundreds of trading Apps from there store after a recent investigation by The Independent revealed that these apps can result in binary options scams. A further investigation revealed that majority of these apps were being offered by entities and individuals who did not have and formal license to run these 

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Facebook Lite: Beware Of Malware Infected APKs

A recently published report confirms that some versions of Facebook Lite APK’s have been found infected by Malware. This Malware is capable of stealing your personal information and also capable of installing malicious code. Malwares like in Windows operating system are also a common vulnerability in Android OS. A malware is a short code intended 

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